I am totally lovin' creating unique projects for HyperStamper.com. I would have never thought in a million years that I could design my own cards.

I'm a professional caser by nature but with my own site, I'm now challenging myself to post nothing here but project designs that are MY OWN.

If I post a design that belongs to someone else I'll be sure to give credit to the designer. Otherwise, everything you see here, every cutie-cuter card, every devine-design, everything will be made by me. So make sure you log on OFTEN to see whats up next.

Hopefully my 6 years of experience as a 2 time Stampin Up! Founders Circle Achiever, 6 time cruise achiever and downline of over 250 demonstrators will bring you hours and hours of stampin knowledge and of course...FUN. After all, I am Laura Robinson the HyperStamper and the fun just NEVER stops!

Today on Hyperstamper.com   May 21, 2009
Today on Hyperstamper.com CUSTOM CARDS !!!    

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